Shop our Display of Decorative Items and Pumpkin Supplies (Sorry this Child is Not for Sale- but yes the Bunnies Are)

Pan for Gold then Hide your Golden Nuggets

in your "Nugget Pouch"

Slide and Jump until you so are So Tired that you Fall Fast Asleep

Search for your very own Precious Stones then keep them  Safe in your "Precious Stones Pouch" 

The Pumpkin Patch

Human Hampster Water Ball 

You  have Got to Try It!

No Admission Fee

You can Hold the Baby Chicks but Only if you are Very Gentle and there is a Big Person Helping You

Don't be Alarmed if you come across a Turkey or Two

Guarding the Patch

Southern California's




Est 1976

One of many carnival games! Throw the corn cob into the hungry pigs mouth and get to take home your very own inflatable pig! If the pig is still hungry after you run out of corn, you get to choose a prize out of the treasure chest. EVERYONE GETS A PRIZE!

Who doesn't Love a Little Face...  Arm...  Knee... Painting ?!

Hop on a Tractor and Take a Ride but Please

Drive Safe

 Don't Forget to Search the Patch for

Your Beautiful Pumpkins

Pet, Feed and Hold our Adorable Animals

(Sanitary Soap Provided)

Opening Day  2018

October 10th


              Monday-Thursday 2pm-9pm

               Friday 2pm-10pm

               Saturday 10am-10pm

               Sunday 10am-8pm